User Manager

Welcome to the Framework One User Manager application demo!

The framework cache (and application scope) have been reset.

Framework Lifecycle Trace
0ms6ms setupSession() called
6ms1ms setupApplication() called
7ms58ms Application.cfcsetupSubsystem() called
65ms13ms setupRequest() called
78ms user.defaultqueuing controller
78ms Application.cfcno before controller to call
78ms user.beforeno before controller to call
78ms user.defaultcalling item controller
78ms user.afterno after controller to call
78ms1ms Application.cfcno after controller to call
79ms4ms user.defaultbuilding view queue
83ms user.defaultfound view /examples/userManager/views/user/default.cfm
83ms setupView() called
83ms2ms rendering /examples/userManager/views/user/default.cfm
85ms17ms user.defaultbuilding layout queue
102ms user.defaultfound default layout /examples/userManager/layouts/default.cfm
102ms1ms rendering /examples/userManager/layouts/default.cfm
103ms setupResponse() called