User Manager

Id Name Email Department Delete
1 Curly Stooge Accounting DELETE
2 Larry Stooge Sales DELETE
3 Moe Stooge Support DELETE

Framework Lifecycle Trace
0ms1ms setupSession() called
1ms setupRequest() called
1ms user.listqueuing controller
1ms Application.cfcno before controller to call
1ms user.beforeno before controller to call
1ms1ms user.listcalling item controller
2ms user.afterno after controller to call
2ms Application.cfcno after controller to call
2ms2ms user.listbuilding view queue
4ms user.listfound view /examples/userManager/views/user/list.cfm
4ms setupView() called
4ms1ms rendering /examples/userManager/views/user/list.cfm
5ms19ms user.listbuilding layout queue
24ms user.listfound default layout /examples/userManager/layouts/default.cfm
24ms1ms rendering /examples/userManager/layouts/default.cfm
25ms setupResponse() called