User Manager

User Info

Framework Lifecycle Trace
0ms9ms setupSession() called
9ms setupRequest() called
9ms user.formqueuing controller
9ms Application.cfcno before controller to call
13ms4ms user.beforeno before controller to call
13ms53ms user.formcalling item controller
66ms user.afterno after controller to call
66ms Application.cfcno after controller to call
66ms8ms user.formbuilding view queue
74ms user.formfound view /examples/userManager/views/user/form.cfm
74ms setupView() called
74ms3ms rendering /examples/userManager/views/user/form.cfm
77ms23ms user.formbuilding layout queue
100ms user.formfound default layout /examples/userManager/layouts/default.cfm
100ms3ms rendering /examples/userManager/layouts/default.cfm
103ms setupResponse() called