Welcome to Framework One!

FW/1 - Framework One - leverages Application.cfc and some simple conventions to provide a 'full' MVC framework in a single file.

Intended to require near-zero configuration, FW/1 lets you build your application without worrying about a framework getting in your way.

Controllers, Services (the gateway to your application's model), Views and Layouts are all 'discovered' using straightforward conventions.

Your controller and service CFCs don't need to extend anything.

Your views and layouts don't need to know about objects and method calls (a simple 'request context' structure - rc - is available containing URL and form scope data as well as data setup and passed by the framework and controllers).

Supports your choice of bean factory (as long as it offers containsBean(name) and getBean(name) methods) and autowiring of controllers and services. Your controller and service CFC instances can be managed by your bean factory instead if you prefer, again following a simple naming convention!


Read the documentation for FW/1. The latest news can always be found on the FW/1 blog which also has links to the FW/1 mailing list and other avenues for community support.


New page for me

This is jeffs output

it includes a lot of informatino maybe

Framework Lifecycle Trace
0ms1ms setupSession() called
1ms setupRequest() called
1ms main.defaultqueuing controller
1ms Application.cfcno before controller to call
1ms main.beforeno before controller to call
1ms28ms main.defaultcalling item controller
29ms main.afterno after controller to call
29ms Application.cfcno after controller to call
29ms2ms main.defaultbuilding view queue
31ms main.defaultfound view /introduction/views/main/default.cfm
31ms setupView() called
31ms4ms rendering /introduction/views/main/default.cfm
35ms3ms view( about/default ) called - rendering /introduction/views/about/default.cfm
38ms4ms view( main/examples ) called - rendering /introduction/views/main/examples.cfm
42ms view( jeff/default ) called - rendering /introduction/views/jeff/default.cfm
42ms18ms main.defaultbuilding layout queue
60ms main.defaultfound default layout /introduction/layouts/default.cfm
60ms1ms rendering /introduction/layouts/default.cfm
61ms setupResponse() called