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I am the main page!

This message brought to you by handlers/main.cfc!

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Framework Lifecycle Trace
0ms6ms setupApplication() called
6ms72ms Application.cfcsetupSubsystem() called
78ms setupRequest() called
78ms1ms main.defaultqueuing controller
79ms Application.cfcno before controller to call
79ms main.beforeno before controller to call
79ms main.defaultcalling item controller
79ms main.afterno after controller to call
79ms1ms Application.cfcno after controller to call
80ms2ms main.defaultbuilding view queue
82ms main.defaultfound view /examples/modular/pages/main/default.cfm
82ms setupView() called
82ms19ms rendering /examples/modular/pages/main/default.cfm
101ms17ms main.defaultbuilding layout queue
118ms main.defaultfound default layout /examples/modular/wrappers/default.cfm
118ms11ms rendering /examples/modular/wrappers/default.cfm
129ms setupResponse() called